I havent gotten any DMs from the Bot. How do I fix that?
Right click the guild on the left ribbon, and select “Privacy Settings. Confirm that you have “Direct Messages – Allow Direct Messages From Other Members of this Server” enabled. Also make sure you are not blocking the bot.

I have seen a different bot with an identical service in another guild. Is this a fake?
The bot currently has 5 personas. The Morphium, Gordius Moab, River Rat (exclusive to Cardano River), Budz Bot (Exclusive to Cardano Budz) and Cardania (Exclusive to Cardania). However, fakes are absolutely possible. Most important, ensure you are only sending assets and Ada to $therequiem.

How do I add the bot to my Discord Guild?
Go to https://TheMorphium.io. Use the link to add “The Morphium” bot. Use “/setup_morphium_bot” to configure the bot. Right now, only some of the self service options are available. You can contact us at “https://discord.gg/C75FwfJ3bu” to add an Asset Exchange New Listings channel for your guild.

Do I need to register my wallet at each Guild that are running an Asset Exchange bot?
No. You only need to register your wallet once. You can use “/show_wallets” to view a list of your registered wallets.

Are there other advantages to having a registered wallet?
Currently the bot can also do role assignment, based on held assets. There will be more functionality added in time.

What else can the bot do?
Lots: It can do community lead moderation, twitter campaigns, support tickets in your guild, Floor and New sales info for your registered projects, and the Casino (Currently only available in the Cardano River Guild). We plan to add more features over time.

Are there any fees to using the bot?
For Completed Asset Exchanges, the bot operator collects the delta between minimum ada, and the amount of ada sent with your asset. In some cases, that fee is shared with the project team that owns the project assets you have traded.
Asset role assignment is the only premium Discord service at this time. We plan to charge a nominal fee for its use, because of the added computing resources needed. All other features of the bot are free to use. We also offer twitter campaigns at a nominal fee, again due to the additional compute overhead.

Do you offer any other services?
We have been minting assets since the begining of the Mary Era; literally in the first epoch. We offer a whole host of minting services that cater to every project. If we dont currently have a feature, we can make it for you.
We can do fountains, fungible deliver, and fungible fee collection, lottery style delivery, whitelist, blacklist, as many payouts as you wish, etc. We are very creative, and can do pretty much anything you can dream of.

Where can I get support for the bot and/or The Morphium?
Contact us in guild at https://discord.gg/C75FwfJ3bu.