Why we ban people

Cardano has the greatest community of any blockchain in existence. But with any financial product, there are scammers lurking around every corner. Our number one goal is to protect the members of our beloved community. The only way to do that, is to discourage that behavior. And the best way to discourage that behavior is to have consequences for those actions.

What a ban consists of

If you are banned within TheMorphium, you will be unable to join any Discord we protect, or mint any assets from our minting service. We also share our banned account info with our partners so they too can ban you. A ban is for life.

What behavior will get you banned

Preying on smaller projects

Appealing a ban

Every ban that is placed is done through human intervention. That means your ban was placed, because certain behavior was identified and investigated. But, in extremely rare cases mistakes do happen. If there is a logical explanation for the behavior that was identified, we will remove your ban. But “I didnt know the rules” isnt excusable. Nor is the fact that a transgression was minor. Didnt realize screwing over a small project would get you iced out of something you really care about? Too bad. We dont give second chances. We only correct our mistakes. If you truly believe you were banned without cause, send us an email along with:

1) Discord Username
2) Twitter Username
3) Cardano Wallet / Ada Handle
4) Where you were banned from
5) Why you think you were banned, and why that would have been a mistake on our part

to [email protected]. Dont leave information off. If you “forget” to send us certain details, and its clear those details are why you were banned, you obviously wont be successful in your appeal.

This seems highly punitive

It is! So dont cheat or scam people.